Friday food list..

Here is the run down for my food for the day:

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk, chocolate super foods shake with dark cherries, spinach and cinnamon.

Work: coffee…..had a little bit of a caramel latte from McDonald’s (my freind/coworker brought it for me because of the awful let’s call it like it is; shitty day I had) I drank half of it.

Fiber shake (bleck)

Lunch: Protein shake, spinach salad with oil and vinegar, 1/2 apple

Snack: celery sticks and humus

Dinner: 1 piece of pepperoni off of the scicillian pizza the hubby order(jerk) #notreally #lovehim protein shake (last one) and a spinach, cucumber, bell pepper salad with raw pumpkin seeds.


all in all not a bad day. Got my workout in with my friend and ALL the water and then some.

Heading out of town this weekend for a much needed break. We are going to soak in the hot springs and I get a massage and a foot massage too. I plan on eating and drinking and enjoying myself, especially since I have a doctors appointment on Monday… bleh blood work, pap smear the whole nine yards… I probably shouldn’t indulge too much. #wewillsee


How did you do?

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