I am out of the country eh…

Hubby and I decided to go on a much needed outing this weekend. We drove up to Canada! I have never been out of the US ever…well once we TRIED to go to Canada years ago and they wouldn’t let us in because our son didn’t have his i.d. on him. So we had to turn around at the border.
This time hubby and I were ready! We had our passports with us. Crossing the border was very anti climatic. And the terrain didn’t change much from the WA side to much.

We are staying the night at the Ainsworth Hot Springs. They have a cave!! The cave is a horseshoe shape cave that the hot springs run through. The cave temp was about 108 today so we went through it and back into the main pool. The main pool runs about07 degrees.  It is a much needed break on my body. Tomorrow the hubby signed me up for a massage and foot soak. I am so excited!! I need that too.

Anyway here is the food I consumed today:

Breakfast: coffee with vanilla almond milk (2 cups) vanilla shake with blueberries and spinach.

Lunch: Ham, swiss and mushroom panini with a side salad that included the house dressing that was sunflower and citrus! It was very good. I had TWO mojitos too.

After a two hour soak in the springs we cleaned up and went to dinner.

Dinner: Hard cider one apple and one pear (Canadian) bannock and dips (basically flat bread) I ate most of the bacon cream cheese dip. Maple Hill Chicken with warmed up kale and asparagus and one small potato. It was pretty good. It also had duck pancetta in it. A first for me. Hubby wanted dessert too so we did the gelato and forget trio. It was tiramisu, maple walnut and mango all with fresh fruit on them.


And that is my food for the day. Happy to have a relaxing adventure with the hubby. Now off to bed I go!

How did you do?

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