Shield yourself from everyone else’s agenda…

That was from my personal development today. Shield yourself from everyone else’s agenda. Meaning make sure to take care of you and not react to others or what might happen during the day. Be prepared to deal with them all with grace and peace…..ha!

That is NOT what happened to me today. I had an accusatory email followed by a doubtful email that makes me take every thing very personal. I become very protective of my team, Bleh.  SO how do I cope? I eat. I eat it all and then some. …. here is how that played out today:

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk and a splash of sf vanilla syrup. Espresso with creamer and almond milk. Vegan caffe latte super foods shake with blueberries and spinach.

Got to work and stopped by for a Red Velvet hot 16 ounce latte. Regular boring Keurig coffee with 1/2 and 1/2.

Lunch: A slice of pizza and salad (pictured above) with balsamic dressing. A bag of salsa flavored Sun Chips and a Snickers bar. #doublebleh

Snack: six mini bell peppers

Dinner: #herecomesallthebleh Ritz Pita chips 34 of them the rest of the salmon dip. Half of the pita chips went into the microwave to have cheese melted upon them. Cracked open a bottle of Angry Orchard Knotty Pear.

See I started off with good intentions to shield myself… then I let my emotions and circumstances dictate how I respond. That is not a shield. It is a coping mechanism. #quadruplebleh

Water was good. 185 ounces and Yoga Flow this morning. SO there is that.

How did you do?

It’s a Monday for sure!

Change your decisions and you will change your life!  I am working on changing my decisions. I want change in my life! Tracking my foods and sharing them with you has been a big change and I am seeing change. Yay me!!

This is how my food played out today:

Breakfast was coffee with homemade almond milk (super easy to make) recipe will be below. One espresso with milk and creamer. A vegan chocolate super foods shake with spinach and blueberries.

Work had three cups of coffee with half and half.

Lunch was a chicken breast with zucchini and marinara sauce. 1/4 apple.

Then about an hour later my friend offered me a slice of Papa Murphys New York style pizza. I accepted of course. It was super thin with pepperoni and sausage. Not too bad. Then it made me crave soda so another friend bout me a Coca-Cola. I drank half of it. Truly hit the spot….in the moment.

Later the pizza friend came in and tempted me with Fritos and salsa. Thankfully I only had two chips filled with Tostitos salsa.

Dinner tonight was what my hubby called a ‘gumbo burrito’ It was shrimp, Italian sausage and garlic sautéed in olive oil. I wrapped it up in a tortilla for the hubby. For me I steamed cabbage and had my protein on a full plate of it. So good.

Worked out this morning. Did Yoga. Had 145 ounces of water too.

How did you do?

Almond Milk recipe: 2 tablespoons of almond butter, 1 tsp. vanilla, 3-4 dates, 1 dash of salt and 2 cups of water. Blend thoroughly. Make sure to shake well before serving! Let me know if you try it.

Productive day today…

I feel like I had a productive day today. I did not work out and didn’t get any studying done for my certification but it was productive none the less. I did meal prep today.

Today I finally made the apple banana muffins for my hubby’s lunch. They are made with almond flour so very low carb and it counts as a serving of fruit and he doesn’t even know! Okay well he will now. (: I also made raspberry jam (no sugar) it is more like a runny jam but I am excited to try it. I made homemade almond milk. I am going to share the super simple recipe tomorrow on my Fitness page so stay tuned. Roasted zucchini, broccoli and a spaghetti squash. Made homemade healthy spaghetti sauce too.  I like days that I feel like I got something healthy for me done. I had good intentions to film some videos for my Cancercize page but I didn’t. Instead I took a nap and watched a movie with my hubby. All wonderful Sunday things.

Water was good today: 150 ounces total. Here is how the food for the day played out:

Breakfast was my vegan chocolate superfoods shake with spinach and blueberries. Two coffee’s with creamer and one espresso with a combination of creamer and half and half.

Lunch was more of the awesome cajun smoked salmon dip with generic Ritz crackers. Had twelve of them. Then I had steak stir fry with carrots, bell pepper, broccoli and carrots all in a teriyaki sauce.  Had half of an apple left over from the muffins.

Had to taste one of the apple banana muffins to make sure I didn’t accidentally poison the hubby.

Dinner tonight was PIZZA!! Yeah after all that food prep I was too tired to actually cook!! So I ordered pizza and salad. Had my usual, sausage and black olive and a garden salad with balsamic dressing.

Outside of no workout and not getting all my things done of my TO DO list I feel pretty darn good about myself and rested.

Oh!! And I plugged in my weight into my tracker app and I am officially 12.8 pounds lighter! I have been using my tracker since Sept 2017 and I am down. I know twelve pounds may not seem like much to you in a years time but to me it feels like one hundred pounds!! It was the boot of confidence I needed to press on and fight the good fight.

How did you do?

Halloween treats and more….

Seven and half hours of sleep today. That is not bad considering I went to be after 11. Not my normal MO so that makes me feel pretty happy. No change on the scale this week but that means it didn’t go up and that makes me feel pretty happy too!

My food ran like this today:

Two cups of coffee with creamer. Had a meeting this morning so after that I had to run errands so that meant going out for breakfast! Okay so that is NOT what it should mean but I was hungry and wanted to go out for breakfast (my favorite meal).

We stopped at the South Hill Grill for a late breakfast. I ordered the stuffed french toast. It is stuffed with sweet cream and bacon and covered with blueberry compote. Two strips of bacon, two eggs over easy and roasted potatoes. Had a raspberry mimosa and then one of slices of my hubby’s sourdough toast. All of it was delicious.

Had another cup of coffee with almond milk so I could stay awake for the Halloween party later in the day.

Dinner was half of a chicken breast stuffed with pepperoni, salami and provolone cheese, roasted broccoli one mini red velvet cupcake.

The plan was to be Dinner and Done tonight and just drink water at the party….you know what they say about the best laid plans. So it started with a glass of the punch. Which was vodka, champagne and lime juice with sherbet. Which then led to a second glass, which then of course leads to eating for me! Lot’s of eating. I had three jalapeño poppers, one chicken nugget, one chicken drumstick, two crab puffs and 1 flaming hot Cheeto. Was also informed that they Cheetos melts when lit so that has to be healthy, right?


Maybe tomorrow will be dinner and done?  Water was good, 170 ounces.

How did you do?

And then it was Friday….

then it was Friday and all bets are off! I woke up tired yet happy it was Friday. Weighed in and had my water. Water was good. 170 ounces. No workout though. :/

Anyway I am glad it is Friday. My food was not GOOD at all this day. Here is the run down:

Breakfast: coffee with creamer (three cups) chocolate shake with spinach and blueberries.

Stopped at the coffee shop and got the special 6 ounce hot red velvet latte.  THEN Old Dominion stopped by with two trays of cookies… so I had two chocolate chip cookies and then a a snickerdoodle after lunch.

Don’t get me started on lunch…. I went to McDonald’s!  Yep had a double quarterbacked pounder with cheese and guess what, I liked it! Oh boy! Had a bout a dozen fries too with some ketchup.

Dinner tonight was a “run to the store and get something from the meat department” For the hubby I got him stuffed salmon with crab and I had a stuffed bell pepper with roasted broccoli. We started with crackers and cajun smoked salmon dip. It was amazing!! I don’t even know how many crackers I had…oh well. THEN to top it off i had two bottles, yes TWO bottles of Angry Orchard Knotty Pear hard cider. Yep! I am a bit tipsy as I write this so who knows how poorly this is typed.. but I don’t really care!!!! I am going to Netflix and chill for the rest of the night so there.


How did you do?

It started with a text…..

I had my alarm set for 4:30 AM today. I had to be at work by 6. Heard my phone go off at 4AM but ignored it, after all it was not time to get up yet. Alarm went off and it was a text telling me all meetings have been cancelled, we have a HUGE day at work. That was an understatement for me. I am not even sure how I am still up at the moment. I did have a win today. I went to the vending machine three, yes THREE times today, BUT I didn’t buy any thing. I wanted to but I didn’t. So that is a great win I think. Also I had all my water today and then some. 170 ounces. One small workout this morning too.

Here is how the food played out:

Coffee with creamer (2)  Vanilla shake with spinach and blueberries and almond butter.

At work a freind shared a bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed shrimp (yeah you heard me) with me. Very good! Starbucks Mocha frappuccino.

Lunch was raw almonds, one slice of pizza with black olives and sausage, salad with balsamic dressing.

Second lunch early dinner; about 5PM, still at work. 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 cup of mini bell peppers

Get home open the bottle of sparkling white wine spritzer (12 oz) the last slice of pizza and 3 oz of pork tenderloin.

And now I am here, feeling very wide awake and thankful that it is Friday Eve.

How did you do?

Woke up and stayed……

Woke up and stayed in bed an extra hour! Why? Why do I do this to myself. Is it because I left things undone the night before and now I am behind? This is a cycle I need to break!!! This is NOT GOOD Renee!!!

Okay enough of my pity party. I am re-reading the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and trying to get the system down. I count down to myself like the book suggests then I roll over and hit snooze, or reset my alarm. Yes, I am back to putting my phone by my bed…..sheesh. #cycle #dumb #moveon

Here is my food confession for the day:

Coffee with almond milk. Coffee with Italian Sweet Creamer. Vegan chocolate shake with 1/2 banana and 1 cup of spinach.

Red Velvet Latte 16 oz.

At this point I had developed a headache. Partly because I was disappointed in myself. Depression and tiredness also affected my headache.

Lunch was 1 Italian sausage link with 1 cup marinara sauce and one steamed bell pepper. 1/2 and apple for my carb.

Dinner was delivery pizza and salad. Headache still persisted and I had a coaching call at 6PM, barely made it home in time. So i had green salad with some tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and black olives and two slices of sausage and olive pizza (by the way two slices is equal to half of the personal size pizza) It was very good.

I did great on water today. 190 ounces. I am fully intending on going upstairs right after this to do some evening yoga. I am still tired and depressed and have a headache. I am unprepared for leading the meetings tomorrow and that is making me tired and stressed….see vicious cycle. I choose, CHOOSE to be better than this!!

how did you do?




Here is the rundown of the food for the day. I am very overwhelmed right now and it makes me eat…..and eat.

Breakfast was coffee with creamer two cups. vanilla shake, spinach and peaches with almond butter.

Work had two more cups of coffee with creamer.

Lunch was a spinach, carrot and tomato salad with home made dressing. Two hard boiled eggs and half of an apple. Got up and went to the vending machine for a small bag of chili flavored Fritos.

Snack was five mini bell peppers and a string cheese stick.

Dinner was a cheese crisp (1 tortilla 1 tsp. of butter 1 cup of shredded cheese) then I had two corn tortillas filled with cheese too. Was I hungry? No. Ate it anyway.  Then the hubby opened the Halloween chocolate bag of candy. Had two bite size dark chocolate Kit Kat Bars. I have not had a Kit Kat since I was in 7th grade. SEVENTH GRADE!!! I remember that because my friend and I ate the king size bar (back then they were HUGE) and when I was done eating the whole thing I proceeded to throw it all back up!!

Anyway I got 170 ounces of water and did an intense and yet weird Yoga Booty workout today.

How did you do?

Muffins and banana bread…oh my!

Tis the season!! The snacks are already starting to show up in the office. Today it was homemade banana bread with fake butter, then it was mini blueberry muffins that were divine! So soft and light. So lovely I ate three of them! Eek! I emailed my hubby today to tell him we were very busy and it was going to be a very long day and in unrelated news I had consumed three muffins. TOTALLY UNRELATED! *not

This is how my food played out today:

Breakfast: coffee 3 cups today with creamer. Super foods shake vanilla with blueberries and spinach.

Work: Two more cups of coffee with creamer. Banana bread with butter. mini blueberry muffin

Lunch: The other half of my Cubano sandwich from yesterday. kale salad with pumpkin seeds and poppy seed dressing. Two more blueberry muffins

Dinner: one Italian sausage, one bell pepper 1/2 cup marinara sauce

Two pieces of the Halloween candy I bought and stashed. (I sense danger) It was two pieces of sour punch candy. It is equal to one piece of licorice.

Anyway that is how my day played out. Did 150 ounces of watering yoga workout today too!

How did you do?


Keep on truck…er I mean tracking..

I have officially been tracking my food for sixty days now! Have I lost a lot of weight? Nope. Will I? Yep!!!!! One pound at a time. One food journal at a time.

The beauty of tracking and weighing is simple. So simple you don’t think it can work, but it does! Now that I weighed more on the scale today because of the Chinese leftovers and the garlic bread from yesterday. I now know that I can’t do two carb heavy meals back to back like that. I need to incorporate more veggies instead. If I wasn’t tracking I would be trying to remember what I had eaten the day before. Now I know that those extra bites do add up and I can adjust.

Okay so here is the rundown for today:

Breakfast: coffee one with chocolate almond milk, one with almond milk one espresso with chocolate almond milk and half and half. One vegan chocolate superfoods shake with spinach and blueberries. Really hit the spot this morning.

We meet up with some friends for lunch today. Had a wonderful time and I remembered to write down everything I ate and drank with my little notepad. I started with a bloody Mary and ate the two green olives and two asparagus spears in the glass. Had a cubano sandwich (ate half) and a garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette (had half of the dressing) ordered another bloody Mary and skipped the veggies this time.

Dinner was part of one of those roasted chickens you pick up from the grocery store. I will admit that I ate ALL the skin and then leg and 1/2 breast. Had kale salad on the side with poppy seed dressing and pumpkin seeds. I made mac and cheese for the hubby and I did take a bite of what was stuck on the spatula when I was putting it away.

All in all a much healthier day I think. I could have done without the alcohol but I wanted it and I am not going to beat myself up for it. I have 144 ounces of water for the day too.

Did not do a workout. May still get a ten minute restorative yoga practice in. We will see.
I am just about done with my closet and cleaning in my bedroom and that makes me breathe easier and hopefully sleep easier too!

How did you do?