The tireds are back……

You know when the mini relaxing and joint fixing weekend has come to an end, the tiredness hits on day of work.

I know it just the change in the weather and I get to look forward to the change on the clocks soon too. That will be a big help (said no since the 1800’s) or some obscure outdated amount of time that the fallacy of day light saving time was created….any way I digress.

I really wanted to write about how I am tired again and it is only day two back to work after our adventurous weekend. I am just dragging butt today. This is why I do my workouts in the morning because I know that I won’t have the energy to do it after.  All day today I kept telling myself I need just ONE more cup of coffee and I will be fine. So I kept having more coffee. I even went for a coffee shop run for an espresso! Nothing worked so it just made me more tired (vicious circle) a.k.a. #definitionofcrazy I know that if I keep eating healthier and moving more I will be able to fall asleep faster and longer then, in turn wake up rested, need less coffee and that would be the new cycle. Harder to do than one might think.

Anyway, here my list of foods tonight. Working for a better day tomorrow. A stronger new me down the road..

Breakfast: superfoods shake chocolate with dark cherries and spinach. Started adding turmeric again to help with the inflammation and for its cancer fighting powers. Coffee with vanilla almond milk (1) espresso with half and half

Work: coffee with half and half (2) then ran up to coffee shop the maple spice special.

Lunch: a bag of jalapeño Cheetos, it was a serving size bag! green salad with tomatoes and bell pepper, homemade dressing and a serving of cottage cheese. One Oreo cookie given to me by a friend.

Dinner: TACOS!! duh it IS Tuesday…anyway it was ground beef, cheese, black olives and salsa wrapped up in a flour tortilla. I had two. #eek

Water was 100 ounces and workout was Yoga!!

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