So I saved my carbs….

I am going through my 2B Mindset Mentor training sessions so I can be a better health and wellness coach. One of the lessons tonight was about how you can’t save up all your calories for one meal. Well I had just saved up all my calories for dinner today!!! Yeah, I have a lot to learn if I am going to be a good coach!!

Anyway this is how my day played out. Breakfast: shake with spinach and blueberries. Mocha Maple Spice coffee and and espresso at home with fat free milk.

Lunch was half an apple and lots of water…

Dinner: oh boy here it comes….ready? A bottle of Crispin Honey Crisp cider. The whole bottle. Three slices of sausage, mushroom and black olive pizza along with a nice salad and balsamic vinegarette and a slice of french bread. Also, hubby gave me a bite of his pasta with cheese and shrimp.

Workout today was wrapping pallets at work.

Water: 100 ounces


that is all.

How did you do.

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