A long and stressful day…

It was a very long and stressful day today at work. I didn’t finish anything and had so many little fires going I think I basically stepped in them and spread them around….bleh.. So with that said I will type very quickly and probably with a million typos because I drank my Neuro Sleep and I can feel it kicking in!!

Breakfast: Coffee! With vanilla almond milk. One cup of homemade espresso with vanilla almond milk. Chocolate super foods shake with spinach and 1/2 cup dark cherries.

Work: Katie brought me a special from the coffee shop around the corner and it was wonderful! White chocolate mocha and coconut. It is  called the ‘Casper’ 16 oz. It was also wonderful because I was so busy today at work that I made a cup of coffee with half and half and ONLY was able to drink half before it went so cold that I had to dump it out! (who am I?)

Lunch: When I finally got to take it an hour and half late! Salad. Spinach with tomato and bell peppers. Used the last of the diluted balsamic vinaigrette from the other day. Half of a sweet potato and two Italian sausage links. I remembered to drink my water first.

Dinner: So tired from work, too lazy to make a healthy dinner. I did boil pasta for hubby: Ravioli stuffed with Italian sausage and pesto sauce.  Meanwhile I made dinner for me after all. I was only going to live off of my glass of Prosecco but that is wrong.. I reheated my over cooked veggies from yesterday with a handful of cheddar cheese. While I was waiting for the microwave (it takes soooo long) to ding I ate a pinch of cheese from the bag because I hadn’t finished sealing it. (sad) I also had to try the ravioli because it was a new flavor so I had ONE plain one to nibble on. And the rule is if you nibble it you scribble it, so here it is.

I DID do yoga this morning a complicated crazy Eagle pose. I also had 125 ounces plus of water today and I POOPED!! I slept about 7-8 hours last night and that helps. Unfortunately it is only because of the Neuro Sleep. Scale did not budge but that means it did not go up so I am okay with that.

How did you do?

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