What’s in your dinner..

My dinner was a glass, the last glass of Prosecco.  Here is the breakdown (not mine, the food)

Slept about 7 and 1/2 hours today. Weight was 144.6 which is DOWN from the last few days so there is that…

Breakfast: coffee with vanilla almond milk. Then an espresso with 1/2 squirt of SF salted caramel syrup and more almond milk. Super foods shake vanilla with blueberries and spinach and a tablespoonful of almond butter.

Work: 1 and 1/2 cups of coffee with half and half. Then some company came by today bringing donuts. AHHH DONUTS!! I had no intention on eating one. I was full and satisfied. Then someone left half of a chocolate and m&m frosted donut. Who leaves half? So, yep I ate it!! Subliminal peer pressure. Ugh. So basically I ate it just because it was there.

Lunch: 1 Slice of FFC (fiber filled carbs) bread (Daves Killer Bread) tuna salad. Tuna with cucumbers, turmeric and bell peppers and a tablespoonful of mayo. Two Ritz Pita crackers. 1/2 of a cucumber and one carrot. Random, I know.

Snack: Ate this about 4:30PM Carrot sticks, 2 tablespoonfuls of humus and the rest of the Ritz pita crackers. This is when I logged I WANT CHOCOLATE!! I texted hubby and told him: ugh.

Got home tonight and had dinner. 1 Pizza flavored Pringle chip. Hubby shared. 1 glass of Prosecco.

Workout: Yoga Water: 125 ounces. Poop: Yes.

How did you do today?

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