Feel like I am coming down with whatever is going around right now. Very tired, runny nose, feeling warm and just plain bleh. So needless today my food list is not pretty today because tired is an emotion that I feed. Also, it will be short, I am tired and need to rest.

Breakfast: Two cups of coffee with Vanilla Almond milk. Superfoods shake vanilla with peach and spinach.

Went to work early so I stopped by the local coffee shop and picked up the special the Casper. White chocolate and coconut.

Was feeling stressed. Co-worker offered me his Cheez-its. They were loaded taco flavor. I had three and they did not taste good! bleh.

Lunch: 1:45PM Spinach salad with cucumbers and homemade dressing. 1 cup of those small shrimp. Bought a serving size bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips. 1/2 and apple. Had a Starbucks Mocha Frap from the work vending machine

Got home so tired and just menopausally (I have decided that was a word)  exhausted. Hubby made dinner for me. Two flour tortillas with melted cheese. Hubby added red pepper flakes to mine and then I added heapfuls of Chulula sauce! I am going to burn this ickiness out of me!!!!

Does chewable zinc tablets count as an accessory?

No workout this morning. I got in 156 ounce of water today.  weight was still down from two days ago.


How did you do?

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