I woke up ready to have the day be over..

Seriously, who wakes up on a day off wishing the day was already over? Me I guess. I am sure I am the only one because, who does that?  What I wrote in my tracker after my weight (144.6) Feel full and bloated, ready for the day to be over.  Also, and yes I know this is TMI but I wrote ‘pooped but it was hard’ Over sharing…yep that is me.

Water was good today. 160 ounces in. Not to shabby if I say so myself.

Got to hang out with some sweet children today and the youngest is 8 months old and just a sweetheart.. Loved holding a baby (come on my son and make me a grandma)  I bought donuts to make the kids love me…I think it worked, that and Netflix children channel.

Anyway this is how the food played out today:

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk. The almond milk had toasted oats in it too. Different. It was good. Had two cups of that. Then I made an espresso with milk too. Vanilla shake today with spinach and blueberries.  When the kids came to visit I indulged myself with a blueberry cake donut. Very good.

Lunch: the rest of the steak salad from dinner the night before and a half of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Then I had to head down to the Blue Door Theatre for auditions. We had 13 people show up to audition. I was tired after hanging out with the kids so I stopped for a Garland Street Mocha. It is a mocha with honey and vanilla. Very good.

Dinner: We ordered delivery from Dinardi’s our new favorite pizza place. Hubby had a traditional Stromboli. I had the peppers and sausage with a salad and balsamic vinaigrette. VERY GOOD!! And it was a decent dinner. I only had half of it so I can’t wait for the leftovers tomorrow.

Getting ready to do some pre bedtime yoga and call it a day.

How did you do?

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