I didn’t hit snooze today….

That was about the only thing I did right today. I didn’t hit snooze. I drank all my water. I did a yoga workout before work.

The rest, not so much.

Breakfast: cafe latte superfoods shake with spinach and peaches. Coffee with chocolate almond milk.

Work: Coffee with more of the chocolate almond milk (2) Then I became busy and pulled in several directions and that always makes me hungry. I don’t know why but it does. So I went to the vending machine and found a protein snack pack. It was a hard boiled egg, and cup up cheese and sausage. It hit the spot. Lunchtime rolled around and I was pretty full from that snack and in a hurry. So I warmed up my quinoa with roasted bell peppers. Ate half of it.

That was my last meal of the day. Worked until 7PM. Got home and was so tired I just couldn’t even think straight enough to make a healthy meal, let alone a meal in general. Hubby said he had eaten already so I didn’t need to worry about him. I wasn’t trust me. Knowing I needed some type of food in my belly or I wouldn’t sleep I grabbed a string cheese. Then I went back for a plain cold white tortilla. Yep. That was my dinner.

Let’s hope I don’t hit the snooze button tomorrow AND make better choices.

How did you do?


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