Heading to bed soon, I hope…

I didn’t get much sleep last night. About five hours if I was lucky. With that said I drank some Neuro Sleep and am calling it a night:

Breakfast: coffee tis chocolate almond milk. Two espressos with more chocolate almond milk, cafe latte shake with spinach and blueberries

Work: coffee with you guessed it chocolate almond milk.

Lunch: I ate all my lunch and my snacks at one time!!! so that would be two chicken legs, coleslaw, a few bites of quinoa, carrot sticks and a cheese stick. Then I had a small peanut butter cup.

After a while I was craving something sweet so I went back to the vending machine and bought some juice filled gummy fruit things. Not even sure what they were they just looked good.


Then I got home…and boy did I lay it on thick. I cooked up the ground beef and made burritos. Each one, yes each, had beef, cheese, hot sauce and coleslaw. So veggies are good, right? Had a bottle of the good hard cider to top it off. Blerg.

Off to be now. Glad that I got my 140 ounces of water and some yoga in.

How did you do?

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