Friday! Happy I get to….

It is Friday and I am happy I get to sleep in tomorrow. Is that bad?  Why would I just wake up and be glad to get more sleep later…hmm.  Anyway it has a lot to do with my housekeeping skills (lack of) and just not sleeping well (again) ugh.

I did pretty good today on my food until dinner time. Came home tired and ordered take out.. I will start with dinner tonight while it is still fresh in my head, and my belly.

Dinner: Chinese takeout. I had three pieces of hubby’s breaded chicken. 7 cream cheese wonton drenched in sweet and sour sauce. These guys are my favorites. One spring roll, dipped in sweet and sour sauce. Four forkfuls of egg fried rice. And about a cup of orange chicken. There was plenty of food left over so I feel okay about it. In the past I would have no leftovers so there is that.

Lunch: turkey burger patty (left over from last night) kale salad with pumpkin seeds and poppy-seed dressing. Half of an apple.

Work: Coffee with half and half. Kahlua, vanilla and caramel latte. Called the Undertaker. 16

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk. Espresso with chocolate almond milk. Vegan chocolate superfoods shake with peaches and spinach.

Water: 145 ounces

Workout: Yoga Flow

I am tired. Again. Still. Whatever.

How did you do?

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  1. Maya Moore · October 20, 2018

    I’m looking Forward to sleeping in too!

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