No shake today…

No superfoods shake for me today. I usually do that for my breakfast. Today I opted to make breakfast for hubby an I. Trying to stick to the Plate it method I did pretty well. Two scrambled eggs with bell peppers and mushrooms in a little bit of olive oil and a slice of wheat toast. Coffee with almond milk (two) and an espresso with chocolate almond milk.

Lunch was the rest of the leftover Chinese food from last night. So that will be orange chicken and egg fried rice. I doused the orange chicken in sweet and sour sauce. Had a bit of the hubby breaded chicken.

Worked on cleaning my closet for the better part of the day. I did pretty good up until I got up to the boxes of my cancer stuff. The bills, the wigs, the cards and gifts. All stuff I have a hard time going through. We had errands to still run so I used that as an excuse to stop. We hit the Starbucks and I got a 16 ounce  hot Salted Caramel Mocha. Very good with the chunks of salt.

Errands ending up taking the rest of the day. Hubby was HANGRY and we had to eat right then and there. So we stopped at Tomato Street. I was good about ordering water to drink…and I stopped being ‘good’ from there. Shared an appetizer of meatballs wrapped in pasta. Had two slices of garlic bread. Ordered a Caesar salad with calamari and had a bite of the hubby’s chicken wrapped with prosciutto. Ehh.. not my best, not my worst meal.

I did cardio yoga this morning. Got all my water in. Showered and my closet is clean. So all in all I am pretty happy about this day.

How did you do?


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