Keep on truck…er I mean tracking..

I have officially been tracking my food for sixty days now! Have I lost a lot of weight? Nope. Will I? Yep!!!!! One pound at a time. One food journal at a time.

The beauty of tracking and weighing is simple. So simple you don’t think it can work, but it does! Now that I weighed more on the scale today because of the Chinese leftovers and the garlic bread from yesterday. I now know that I can’t do two carb heavy meals back to back like that. I need to incorporate more veggies instead. If I wasn’t tracking I would be trying to remember what I had eaten the day before. Now I know that those extra bites do add up and I can adjust.

Okay so here is the rundown for today:

Breakfast: coffee one with chocolate almond milk, one with almond milk one espresso with chocolate almond milk and half and half. One vegan chocolate superfoods shake with spinach and blueberries. Really hit the spot this morning.

We meet up with some friends for lunch today. Had a wonderful time and I remembered to write down everything I ate and drank with my little notepad. I started with a bloody Mary and ate the two green olives and two asparagus spears in the glass. Had a cubano sandwich (ate half) and a garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette (had half of the dressing) ordered another bloody Mary and skipped the veggies this time.

Dinner was part of one of those roasted chickens you pick up from the grocery store. I will admit that I ate ALL the skin and then leg and 1/2 breast. Had kale salad on the side with poppy seed dressing and pumpkin seeds. I made mac and cheese for the hubby and I did take a bite of what was stuck on the spatula when I was putting it away.

All in all a much healthier day I think. I could have done without the alcohol but I wanted it and I am not going to beat myself up for it. I have 144 ounces of water for the day too.

Did not do a workout. May still get a ten minute restorative yoga practice in. We will see.
I am just about done with my closet and cleaning in my bedroom and that makes me breathe easier and hopefully sleep easier too!

How did you do?

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