Here is the rundown of the food for the day. I am very overwhelmed right now and it makes me eat…..and eat.

Breakfast was coffee with creamer two cups. vanilla shake, spinach and peaches with almond butter.

Work had two more cups of coffee with creamer.

Lunch was a spinach, carrot and tomato salad with home made dressing. Two hard boiled eggs and half of an apple. Got up and went to the vending machine for a small bag of chili flavored Fritos.

Snack was five mini bell peppers and a string cheese stick.

Dinner was a cheese crisp (1 tortilla 1 tsp. of butter 1 cup of shredded cheese) then I had two corn tortillas filled with cheese too. Was I hungry? No. Ate it anyway.  Then the hubby opened the Halloween chocolate bag of candy. Had two bite size dark chocolate Kit Kat Bars. I have not had a Kit Kat since I was in 7th grade. SEVENTH GRADE!!! I remember that because my friend and I ate the king size bar (back then they were HUGE) and when I was done eating the whole thing I proceeded to throw it all back up!!

Anyway I got 170 ounces of water and did an intense and yet weird Yoga Booty workout today.

How did you do?

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