It started with a text…..

I had my alarm set for 4:30 AM today. I had to be at work by 6. Heard my phone go off at 4AM but ignored it, after all it was not time to get up yet. Alarm went off and it was a text telling me all meetings have been cancelled, we have a HUGE day at work. That was an understatement for me. I am not even sure how I am still up at the moment. I did have a win today. I went to the vending machine three, yes THREE times today, BUT I didn’t buy any thing. I wanted to but I didn’t. So that is a great win I think. Also I had all my water today and then some. 170 ounces. One small workout this morning too.

Here is how the food played out:

Coffee with creamer (2)  Vanilla shake with spinach and blueberries and almond butter.

At work a freind shared a bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed shrimp (yeah you heard me) with me. Very good! Starbucks Mocha frappuccino.

Lunch was raw almonds, one slice of pizza with black olives and sausage, salad with balsamic dressing.

Second lunch early dinner; about 5PM, still at work. 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 cup of mini bell peppers

Get home open the bottle of sparkling white wine spritzer (12 oz) the last slice of pizza and 3 oz of pork tenderloin.

And now I am here, feeling very wide awake and thankful that it is Friday Eve.

How did you do?

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