And then it was Friday….

then it was Friday and all bets are off! I woke up tired yet happy it was Friday. Weighed in and had my water. Water was good. 170 ounces. No workout though. :/

Anyway I am glad it is Friday. My food was not GOOD at all this day. Here is the run down:

Breakfast: coffee with creamer (three cups) chocolate shake with spinach and blueberries.

Stopped at the coffee shop and got the special 6 ounce hot red velvet latte.  THEN Old Dominion stopped by with two trays of cookies… so I had two chocolate chip cookies and then a a snickerdoodle after lunch.

Don’t get me started on lunch…. I went to McDonald’s!  Yep had a double quarterbacked pounder with cheese and guess what, I liked it! Oh boy! Had a bout a dozen fries too with some ketchup.

Dinner tonight was a “run to the store and get something from the meat department” For the hubby I got him stuffed salmon with crab and I had a stuffed bell pepper with roasted broccoli. We started with crackers and cajun smoked salmon dip. It was amazing!! I don’t even know how many crackers I had…oh well. THEN to top it off i had two bottles, yes TWO bottles of Angry Orchard Knotty Pear hard cider. Yep! I am a bit tipsy as I write this so who knows how poorly this is typed.. but I don’t really care!!!! I am going to Netflix and chill for the rest of the night so there.


How did you do?

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