Halloween treats and more….

Seven and half hours of sleep today. That is not bad considering I went to be after 11. Not my normal MO so that makes me feel pretty happy. No change on the scale this week but that means it didn’t go up and that makes me feel pretty happy too!

My food ran like this today:

Two cups of coffee with creamer. Had a meeting this morning so after that I had to run errands so that meant going out for breakfast! Okay so that is NOT what it should mean but I was hungry and wanted to go out for breakfast (my favorite meal).

We stopped at the South Hill Grill for a late breakfast. I ordered the stuffed french toast. It is stuffed with sweet cream and bacon and covered with blueberry compote. Two strips of bacon, two eggs over easy and roasted potatoes. Had a raspberry mimosa and then one of slices of my hubby’s sourdough toast. All of it was delicious.

Had another cup of coffee with almond milk so I could stay awake for the Halloween party later in the day.

Dinner was half of a chicken breast stuffed with pepperoni, salami and provolone cheese, roasted broccoli one mini red velvet cupcake.

The plan was to be Dinner and Done tonight and just drink water at the party….you know what they say about the best laid plans. So it started with a glass of the punch. Which was vodka, champagne and lime juice with sherbet. Which then led to a second glass, which then of course leads to eating for me! Lot’s of eating. I had three jalapeño poppers, one chicken nugget, one chicken drumstick, two crab puffs and 1 flaming hot Cheeto. Was also informed that they Cheetos melts when lit so that has to be healthy, right?


Maybe tomorrow will be dinner and done?  Water was good, 170 ounces.

How did you do?

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