Assure Good Intent.

Woke up sweaty and tired. Proud to be down three pounds for the month of October.

Here is how my day of food played out:

Coffee and creamer (two cups) Chocolate shake with dark cherries, spinach and turmeric

A freind bought a red velvet latte 16oz. for me for work. ❤  great friend!

Almond flour banana apple muffin. Bite size almond joy.

Lunch time I had my spaghetti squash , zucchini, home made sauce and an Italian sausage. That was not enough to make me fill satisfied so I bought a burrito. It was a steak and jalapeño burrito. Had some of my friends salsa too.

Came back to my desk and had another bite size almond joy and another bite sized Reese’ peanut butter cup.

Dinner tonight was hard cider three corn tortillas with cheese then another whole wheat tortilla with more cheese.

Yoga Flow on the Go this morning. 185 ounces of water.

How did you do?

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