Still under the weather…

Been in bed all day today. Outside of the few trips down the stairs to feed and get water. I weighed in today. Not so great. Oh well. It will get back under control. Not if you look at what I ate today, which was just about everything I was craving. I can never remember if it is starve a cold and feed a fever or vice versa. All I know is I was hungry so I fed.

Breakfast was a couple of cups of coffee with creamer (I am sick, not dead) now that I look at my tracker I guess I had three cups. I was craving breakfast so I cooked up the rest of the hash brown in the freezer and the six ounce of pancetta that was in there too. Steamed two eggs over easy  and had a glass of grapefruit juice. Had a second glass of grapefruit juice with a small shoot of Tito’s vodka. Googled to find out what that was called. It is called a Greyhound. You just learned something new (like I did)

Then I ate ALL the cold medicine.

Rambled down stairs and helped myself to my hubby’s generic Pringles had about twelve of them. Ate my last slice of pizza.

Dinner tonight was four corn tortillas that I fried in oil and slightly salted. Tasted really good and hit the spot.

Working on my fifth cup of water so that puts me at 125 ounces for the day. Not my best.

I have slept on and off all day. Watched a lot of Netflix and cats on the internet. Hoping to have sweated the bug out of me.

Off to bed now, for good I hope, well until morning of course.

How did you do?

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