and a bell pepper

Still under the weather. Need much sleep.  Here are the food deets:

Breakfast was coffee with skim milk. I am still out of creamer. Made two cups that way. Not my favorite way to drink it. I will then make a run by the coffee shop for a latte. I did it was birthday cake flavored and it was good. I had my cafe latte super foods shake with blueberries today too.

At work someone gave me a slice of banana bread with chocolate chips in it. It was so good. I enjoyed every bite.

Lunch was leftover orange chicken. Five cheese wontons smothered in sweet and sour sauce. Two cups of cabbage salad with dressing

Dinner was the rest of the orange chicken and a whole bell pepper. I ate the last fortune cookie since it was just sitting there. It had a really dumb fortune of something to do with age. It didn’t go to 50 so I think that is why I think it was dumb.


150 ounces of water so far. Will have a bit more in a moment.

I think I need to go to bed.

How did you do?

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