It’s Thanksgiving yo! ……….

Seriously I don’t know why I thought I would be good today.. I didn’t have a lot of food and snacks in the hour but I somehow managed to over eat after all. In fact I didn’t keep very good track of the food but I will share what I wrote down:


Coffee with almond milk creamer two cups today… I can’t believe it. Made a superfoods shake with milk and split with the hubby. He wanted to try the shake but didn’t want to commit to a whole glass. He doesn’t do much for veggies and fruit so I only put in skim milk and ice.

I then made scrambled egg muffins. That was egg whites, turkey bacon, garbanzo beans and parmesan cheese. Not too bad. Made myself a  LARGE grapefruit juice mimosa.

Had three pieces of the Girl Scout almond butter chocolate cups I bought from a co-workers daughters fundraiser.

half a can black olives and another glass of champagne. Started making late lunch then. We had hamburger that was freshly grinned from rib eye steaks. Stuffin’ muffins and mashed potatoes with gravy. I had more of the roasted veggies too. Everything tasted really good so I had seconds on the stuffing, gravy and potatoes.

Hubby baked up the cookie dough that we bought from a little girl that selling them for a fundraiser. (I sense a theme)

I did get 125 ounces of water in so there is that. I never got out of my jammies and watched a ton of movies. Called my mom and talked for a bit. Did the dishes.

How did you do?

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