Man, my head hurts….

Struggling with a headache so this will be brief and to the point. My tracking today is this:

Breakfast: coffee/creamer two cups. Super foods shake was Cafe Latte with blueberries and spinach

Work: had three cups of coffee with creamer.

LuncH: Brought leftovers that were perfect for Plate It but then Scott gave me a piece of New York style pizza (Papa Murphy’s I believe) pepperoni and sausage. Nice that he shares bad that I didn’t say no. I still ate the chicken and veggies out of my lunch and avoided the rice since I had the crust from the pizza. Also had the tiramisu that a co-worker made and shared with  me. It was very, very good. My leftover were not! They were so bland. Probably because I ate the pizza and tiramisu first.

Head hurts too much to make dinner so I just blended up another shake. I just want something in my stomach so I can take my meds. Super foods shake this time was vanilla with cinnamon and turmeric.

175 ounces of water. Did some yoga today too.

How did you do?

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