Still have the headache…

I still have the headache. Officially 24 hours now. Went to Walgreen’s after work and got the real Sudafed from behind the counter. Hopefully it will release the pressure and i can sleep tonight.

I went to bed early last night hoping to sleep it off. Instead I was awakened by it at 2AM. Took some meds then turned on Bob Ross. His voice soothed me enough that I fell asleep, about an hour later. Makes for a very long Tuesday.

Lack of sleep, a raging headache makes it hard for me to stay on track. This is how it played out today:

Coffee with creamer, two cups. You know, coffee because your head still hurts so bad at 2Am so you take more meds and watch Bob Ross to soothe you back to sleep then hit your snooze button eight times this morning coffee.  Had a shake. Chocolate with dark cherries and 1 cup of spinach. Hubby had a full shake today. He was pleasantly surprised at how full it kept him. He had to remind himself to eat lunch!

Get to work and make more coffee, two cups regular one cup decaf all with creamer. Snacked on some cashews about 25 pieces.

Lunch was out of the vending machine, I did eat the half bell pepper that brought with me but I wanted the breakfast platter out of the machine. It had a biscuit with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs with cheese served over a hash brown patty and two sausage links. When I was done I went back for a small bag of Funyuns. What is wrong with me?

Got home about a very long eleven and half hour shift at work and a run to the drugstore. Decided I should eat something so I could take some ibuprofen. Settled on three corn tortillas with cheese.

Water is at 150 ounces but I am getting ready to refill my cup again.

No workout today, I should have done some yoga it may have helped. I will tomorrow, no excuses.

How did you do?

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