It just a case of the Monday’s..

another white lie I tell myself. Having such a struggle right now. I was quite proud of myself for not crying at work today. I didn’t laugh but I didn’t cry so that is good.

I will get right to it since I am afraid I will over share.

Breakfast: coffee with creamer; tow cups. Super foods shake chocolate flavor with dark cherries and spinach

Get to work and had about three more cups of coffee and creamer.

Mid-morning snack was the last of the cashews. Twenty pieces.

Lunch was a kale salad with parmesan cheese and croutons and lemon vinaigrette, one cup of cottage cheese.

Then I found  secret stash of chocolates in the office and helped myself. Had three bite sizes pieces.

Dinner was a burger with hidden veggies. I made them from turkey and beef and carrots puree. One slice of cheddar cheese and one cup of Brussel sprouts doused in Chulula sauce. One Angry Orchard Knotty Pear.

Water is at 125 ounces and I did a yoga core workout today.

How did you do?

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