I had so much…

I had so much I wanted to share with you throughout the day and now when I am take the time to write it out I can’t remember any of it! Bleh. I think I need to carry a notebook with me, all the time. Or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be read by someone else.

Now I am ready for bed and totally captivated by the American Great Holiday Bake Off show so I am just going to log what I ate and call it good.

2 cups of coffee with almond milk creamer. Chocolate super foods shake with dark cherries and spinach. Got to work and had two more cups of coffee with creamer.

Had a ‘snack’ before I went out to wrap pallets on the dock. Wanted something from the vending machine to get a protein boost. I picked up the ‘cheese sandwich’ it is two slices of pepper jack cheese with a slice of salami in the middle. I have it on several occasions. It hits the snack spot.. I went to ring it up and it was $3.45 THREE FOURTY FIVE!!! That is ridiculous. I should have walked away but nope, picked up a bag of chili cheese Fritos, 2 ounce bag. Turns out one bag is two servings….so there is that.

Lunch was better, I ate the left over salmon patty from the night before it reheated nicely. Also had half an apple and half a cucumber.

I was surprised to come back to a 16 ounce caramel latte sitting on my desk! A visiting co-worker surprised me. It hit the spot.

Didn’t get home from work until about 8PM. Hubby heated up the left over sloppy joe mix I had made (it has butternut squash and sweet potatoes in it) served it on a normal white hamburger bun (oh my!) then I was still hungry so I made myself a cheese crisp too. Washed it all down with an Angry Orchard Knotty Pear hard Cider.


That is my day….now back to my show.

How did you do?

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