cookie party…

Today was the cookie bake-off at the Blue Door Theatre. It is our local improv theatre that I have been a volunteer at for about nine years now. We try to do several events throughout the year to help encourage player/volunteer engagement. Today was pizza, white elephant exchange and a cookie bake off. I actually made cookies this year. I am NOT a baker. Oh I love to watch the baker shows, in fact I am watching Nailed It right now.  I made a Spicy Ginger cookies. I called them ‘I have a secret spicy ginger cookies’ The secret is they had pumpkin puree and black bean puree in it. I liked them. The judges gave me third place and I got a super cute warm reindeer throw for that!

Anyway with it being a party day my food was not that great:

Breakfast was waffles. I ate FOUR of them this morning. I ate that many because we found this amazing slated caramel maple syrup. It was so good I kept eating more waffles so I could have more syrup. Yikes! Had a glass of skim milk with breakfast. Oh I had my coffee too! Three cups total with creamer.

I taste tested two of the ginger cookies and had three of my hubby’s Poppable chips. The sea salt ones are so good.

Now I am at the party….it will be a mess:

Three slices of pizza, one was Hawaiian the other two were veggie. I had the veggie to ‘make myself feel better about the pizza’ I had several handfuls of tortilla chips, humus, carrots, salsa, potato chips AND eight, yes EIGHT various types of cookies. I mean I had to taste them all too, right?

BLEH!!! I am so full and tired now. I feel gross from all the sugar too. Yet, I did have a great time visiting with friends and watching everyone open their white elephant gifts. It was a nice time.

I did you my workout today. Yoga stretch, plus I filmed three videos for the YouTube page. Now I just need to get this eating thing under control.

100 ounces of water.

How did you do?

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