144.6…have the courage to fight the battle within….

All day today I have been hungry. Had an interview today at work and while asking the questions I could hear and feel my tummy growling so loud. It was only 11AM and I had a very loud grumbley  tummy, and that was AFTER I had helped myself to the Jack Links prime rib jerky!!! 9 grams of protein and 60 calories. Easy to keep track of that when you buy it with a label.

My scalp has been aching all day. It reminds me of when my scalp ached right before I lost my hair during chemotherapy. I half expected my hair to fall out in clumps today. It still hurts at this moment.

This is how my day played out with my food today:

Woke up and had a couple of sips of coffee, black. Did my yoga practice and move of the day. Brewed another cup this time with creamer. Made my super foods shake. Today it was chocolate with banana and spinach.

Get to work and have two more cups of coffee with the almond milk creamer.

Lunch was Kale salad with lemon dressing, parmesan cheese, chick peas, black olives and some chicken. Then I went to the vending machine freezer and got a steak and jalapeno burrito. Half of a cucumber and a cheese stick rounded out my lunch.

Came home and made baked penne. It was like lasagna only no meat and penne pasta. It also had hidden veggies in it. Carrot puree mixed in with the tomato sauce and cauliflower puree mixed in with the cheeses. The cheese mix was the puree, mozzarella, and ricotta with garlic. It was very good. So good I had two servings. TWO. Also had two hard ciders. Oh boy. Can you say carb addict?

Water is only at 120 ounces today.

Do you have the courage to fight the battle within first?

How did you do?

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