143.8 …and pop tarts…

Started off normal enough:

coffee with almond milk creamer; two cups. Superfoods shake cafe latte with banana and spinach. I added a tablespoonful of almond butter today in hopes that I wouldn’t be so hungry today like yesterday. It didn’t work.

Then this happened at work:

Water 100 ounces

Cherry frosted pop tarts both “pastries”

Pretzels 1and 1/2 cups of the small ones

Tillamook Sausage jerky stick

Salad with black olives, garbanzo beans and Italian dressing.

½ a peeled cucumber

Coffee with creamer two cups


Still hungry.. I know it is the stress.




What I wrote in my journal this morning was: I need to shower. Almost Christmas haven’t done a thing.  Later I wrote: check email (posted above) for the awful blahness.

Dinner tonight was turkey chili (the whole can) with cheese (about half a cup) and corn bread (two servings) with lots of spreadable butter. I licked every single crumb off that plate! Also enjoyed my last hard cider.

Some yoga today. I did wash my hair this morning but I still need to shower, the leg hairs are sticking together.

PS: Paula if you still catch my blog I want you to know that I think I am in love with Micheal Buble too. Especially the Christmas songs. ❤

How did you do?

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