144.6 Saturday.

Not much to chat about today. Mom texted me first thing this morning. She forgot we are an hour behind her now. Six months out of the year we are on the same time. I really do miss that about AZ. NO changing of the time.

Did a Yoga core workout THEN did a 20 minute high intensity workout right after. I had a tremendous amount of energy up until about 5PM then I crashed. I will see how I feel tomorrow for sure. I was however really hungry after that. I did not eat as many veggies as I should have today. It played out like this:

Coffee and creamer three cups. Super foods shake, vanilla and banana with almond butter.

After the workouts hubby and I went out for a late breakfast. It was about 1PM. Went to the local favorite Kalico Kitchen. I ordered the country Benedict. That is an english muffins with butter, two sausage patties two eggs, gravy and hash browns.

After that we went to the local Cash and Carry. One of the things we picked up was a microwave bag of pork rinds. Hubby and I shared the popped bag. They were very salty. He liked them a lot. I would rather have the ones we buy in the bag.

Dinner was also picked up from Cash and Carry. Dinty Moore beef stew. I can’t even tell you how many years it has been since we have had that. I want to say at least six or more. I guess it technically had carrots in it so that is a ‘veggie’.

Water is at 120 ounces today. So to recap: good workout, water not bad, veggies hmm.


How did you do?

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