148.6 Friday…

The scale showed me how poorly I ate at the goody day at work… TOO MUCH JUNK YESTERDAY!!

Tried to sleep in today since I actually had the day off. I made it all the way to 6:20 AM. WOOT!!  Well it is a start.

Got up and had a couple of cups (3) of coffee with creamer and watched a Christmas movie on Netflix.  Made my super foods shake. Tried a holiday recipe It was called chili mocha. It was really good!

Lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich with two cups of salad and greek dressing. Two fo the Welch’s fruit snacks packs and two of the small chocolate chip cookies my girlfriend shipped me.  Ran some errands and stopped at Starbucks for a small chestnut praline latte. It was pretty good.

Got home and had two servings of the Smartfood white cheddar popcorn.

Dinner tonight was spent in my room, in my bed eating the reaming humus (half a container) and about two cups of pita chips.

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty but I was sulking. Mad at the hubby and feeling sorry for myself. Bleh not how I wanted to spend my first day off since June. My own fault for letting things get to me.

Yoga relax tonight.  125 ounces of water today.


how did you do?


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