Always a down hill…

I left my lunch at work yesterday. I left it there on purpose. It still had the  tuna with veggies in it and my almonds and fresh raspberries. I brought a bag of fresh spinach to go with it today. #goodintentions

Had my superfoods shake. Today was chocolate, dark cherries and spinach. It always fills me up until lunch…..well that and three cups of espresso!!

My lunch time rolled around and I was so busy I didn’t go.  An hour went by and I still didn’t go. So now the downhill begins. My freind from work went to Mc’Donald’s and I talked him into getting me a double cheeseburger meal with a coke.   Ate the burger a few of the fries and inhaled the coke! #rollingdownthehill

Dinner time is pizza from Dinardi’s #love Pizza and salad and Lemon Basil Hard Cider…. man once I start down that hill I never stop rolling.

One more day done and tomorrow is a new start.

Marching back up that hill.


And the verdict is..

I posted today on my IG page a picture of my healthy intentions mentioning to check my blog and see how I did.  I think by now you ALL know how I did…

Here is the rundown….

Breakfast: coffee and almond milk creamer, espresso with chocolate foam, cafe latte superfoods with spinach and frozen mixed berries.

Work: coffee!!! with half and half.  Had an interview today and I was so hungry that my boss could hear my tummy growling!! So I came down from the interview and a co-worker shared his pepper jack Cheez-its with me. I had seconds…so basically two very large handfuls of crackers.

Lunch: spinach salad with homemade lemon dressing and tomatoes, snack size gouda cheese.

Late snack: cafe vanilla late (k-cup)

Dinner: two pieces of fried chicken from the grocery store deli and a bottle of Lemon Basil Hard Cider. THEY FINALLY HAD IT BACK IN STOCK! (I bought two) Only drank on tonight.

So to answers the question if I followed thorough with my intensions? NO.

PS Today I don’t really care. Doctor appoint on October 1st. I will be kicking myself.

Half a sleeve, more like three quarters…..

I woke up right away!! Ha that is not true, still guilty of hitting snooze. Anyway I DID get up eventually and did a lot in a little amount of time (thank you weekly food prep)  Here is how my day played out food wise:

Breakfast: vanilla superfoods shake with the last of the frozen peaches and the last of the wilting arugula. Coffee with almond milk creamer and one espresso with chocolate milk foam.

Get to work:  coffee, coffee, coffee!!! and half and half.

Lunch: the rest of the kale, apple, beet and chicken salad. humus pita chips.

Snack time!! : raw almonds and sliced sweet peppers

SOUNDS LIKE I AM DOING SO WELL TODAY……… and prepare for the excuses……

Worked late (7PM) so this is where I just make horrible choices with my food. Tired and hungry, not a good combination. Even though I have a fridge full, FULL of prepared food I ate this instead: 1 can of Truly hard sparkling water 4 corn tortillas with melted cheese on them, half a can of generic Pringle’s and to be quite  honest it turned out to be three quarters of the sleeve…. bleh.

Plus side was my numbers on the scale HAD started going down again and I drank lots of water and have worked out four days in a row now. IN A ROW!!

How are you doing?



Wishing for Jalapeños……

Feeling under the weather today. A little bit of a sore throat and body aches. Bleh. When I get a sore throat I always want to eat jalapeños. PS in order to spell that I pronounce it out like ja lop e no s………..anyway that is my excuse for not eating well today. Funny how I feel I need to explain my bad a sense, justify them.

Breakfast: vanilla shake with peaches and arugula. Added almond butter today too. Coffee with almond milk. Espresso with chocolate milk. Workout this morning was Yoga strength.

At work. More coffee with half and half (2) a bite of a wonderful raspberry croissant a co-worker brought back from Seattle. Also a small container of blackberries (same co-worker brought those too)

Lunch: chicken, apple, beet kale salad, pita chips and humus

Dinner: the rest of the macaroni salad from yesterday and the left over hot dog in a bun with mustard and cheese. An hour later went down stairs and ransacked the cabinets and ran across some beef jerky. Had half of that.

Lots of water and now I am taking some ibuprofen and heading to bed…again.

How are you doing?

Just when I thought I was getting back…

Just when I thought I was getting back on track today I TOTALLY fell into that ‘it is a holiday weekend and I have company so it doesn’t really count what I eat’ mode… whew!! Remember to breathe after reading that!!

Anyway, I started the day off well. Had my chocolate superfoods shake with dark chocolate cherries, a spoonful of almond butter and TWO handfuls of arugula (I have to use it up before it gets slimy) Two cups of coffee with almond milk creamer and one cup of espresso with chocolate milk…. then I went to the grocery store and stocked up on ALL the good stuff. Today I was going to do my meal prep for the week. I turned Netflix on for mom to watch while I worked in the kitchen. She watched ‘Nailed It’ and loved it. She was laughing so hard. She doesn’t have cable or streaming tv, so it was fun for her to see.

Okay, so I am cooking chicken, slicing veggies, creating caulissoto (risotto with cauliflower instead of rice) and lots of other healthy things. I then pour myself a glass of cold brew mocha, if you are counting that makes coffee number four. Now it is time to eat some lunch so I split the remaining salad from yesterday with my mom and we each had a slice of pizza.. not to bad. Then I poured mom out the last of the wine while I opened a can of Truly sparkling hard water, which turned into two cans.. sheesh.

I did a yoga workout after that.

We had an early dinner. I grilled up hotdogs. I ate two WITH buns!! Eek. Hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard. Had macaroni salad, and coleslaw. Then had seconds of each.. PLUS the Orange Creme hard cider I shared with mom too.  Now I am so full and bloated and did I mention full?

So, what to do next? It was the last night of the ball game short season out here. BUT I am full so all I am going to do is drink water… Sounds good in theory but I was craving peanuts again so I bought a bag and ate them all THEN I got cold and ordered a caramel mocha decaf to warm up.    So much for starting on track again…Maybe I am actually in a rut not a track.. hmm..

Tomorrow is another day… and another blog. Let’s see how I do then.

Sunday is a fun day in the park…

Pig out in the Park is this weekend. It happens every Labor day weekend. It is actually about six days now instead of just the original three days. There is music and booths that sell their wares and as suggested by the name food. Lots and lots of food booths. We decided to go walk through there today. I am proud to say I didn’t stop and buy anything.

With that said I still managed to pig out all on my own. Confession time:

Breakfast: two donuts, three cups of coffee with creamer.

Lunch: Three pork street tacos and a kale and brussel sprout salad, along with an apricot hard cider.

Off to the ball park. Had a whole bag of peanuts and an Angry Orchard.

Came home and ordered from Dinardi’s the new New York pizza joint near Gonazaga University.  Ordered greek salad with oil and vinegar dressing and a small sausage and black olive pizza form mom and I to share. I had one slice of pizza and half the salad along with a Truly sparkling wine.

and that is why I feel beyond full, can barely button my shorts and am worried I will not be able to sleep because I am so over the top full… blerg


On the plus side I did do my yoga workout today and drank lots and lots of water too.  How are you doing?

I finished it all….

This s a picture of my breakfast.  It is called a breakfast poutine. For those of you who don’t know what poutine is, it is a Canadian dish with fries and gravy and cheese curds… a carbohydrate paradise!! At the Yards Bruncheon they have created the Breakfast Poutine.  It is french fries with sausage gravy cheese two eggs and candied bacon. So good! And it is HUGE! Mom ordered biscuits and gravy, hubby ordered biscuits and gravy with potatoes and eggs..neither of them could finish theirs…so what does that say about me??? That I have a very healthy appetite..

I didn’t eat again until dinner time and that was at the ballpark, so you know, that means super unhealthy food tonight. Had three hard ciders and the brisket nachos. Oh I forgot I had a flight of mimosas today too. One grapefruit one, one blueberry one and one lemonade one….yes a lemonade mimosa!


Tomorrow will probably be donuts…we will see. stay tuned.

Mom is here..

Mom is here so all food related moments of trying are off!!

Let’s start backwards: Dinner tonight was  hibachi grill. Mom has never been. I did fried rice, filet mignon, and veggies with two, yes I said TWO cosmos….this is probably how most of the weekend is going to go down…

Snack: almonds

Lunch: salad with chicken. homemade dressing

Breakfast: coffee, coffee coffee…with almond milk. with chocolate milk and with half and half. Vanilla super foods shake with arugula and mango (best meal of the day)


I did weigh in today and my scale has got down since Monday.  By 1.4 pounds and that is something. I only got in two workouts this week… my goal is to improve that tremendously next week….and after Monday eating will be better too!! (I typed it so it must be truth) #andotherliesitellmyself


Enjoy your long weekend!

Kinda good today…

Okay keeping score and all in all I think I did pretty good today:

Breakfast: cafe latte with baby arugula and blueberries….I think this is my favorite combo now. Also had a cup of coffee with almond milk and two mocha espressos.

Work: Cafe Vanilla Latte and a coffee with half and half. Salad with chicken and homemade dressing. Strawberries and almonds.

Snack: hummus and pita chips, carrots and string peas


Dinner was ravioli with pesto sauce.. and lots of water.

Mom is flying out tomorrow for the long weekend…so I will not be eating well at all but hope to get my workouts in, at least the yoga.  I will still post. I think these silly confessions are really helping me…..

Have you tried tracking yet? What are you tracking, food, money, workouts? Would love to hear how you are doing.

Wednesday Stats..

Water 4 at work

Coffee ½ and ½ two cups

1 café vanilla latte


2 squares of Hershey’s chocolate bar

Salad with homemade dressing, chicken tomatoes cucumbers



Snack. Yoplait mix-ins caramel yogurt with pretzels and chocolate chunks


Shake today chocolate, spinach and dark cherries

Mocha at home

1 cup coffee with almond milk


Workout yoga


I emailed my list of things that I tracked when I was at work. Then copied and pasted it here… NOW for the dinner fiasco. The hubby and I went to the local Farmers Night Market at Kendall Yards. It was food truck night…. you see where I am going here, right?

Two slices of wood fired pizza and a Coke (blurg) one slice garlic, tomato, sausage,  the other was red bell peppers, artichoke hearts and garlic…. so lots os veggies makes it okay, yeah….. THEN we stopped at the Two Sisters Crepe truck and I had a Nutty Dust crepe. So so good!! Crepe with Nutella and a dusting of cinnamon. Now I am going to drown that out with a lot more water….

Good thing I did Yoga workout this morning..