147.8 Did I hit some goals this year?…..

I was all excited because I decided to measure my things. Why would that make me excited? Well, when I was looking at my ‘vision board’ (I prefer to call it my goal board) I saw “slimmer thighs” with numbers next to the R and the L. I measured and I hit those goals!!!! WOOT!! Then I realized those were my STARTING numbers! wah!  I didn’t lose and inch or half-inch or even one-quarter inch. Does that discourage me? Well maybe a little. In fact at first it discouraged me a lot. Not only did I not hit my thing goals, I looked around and realized I didn’t hit ANY of my goals. That is very discouraging.

As I started looking closer it dawned on me; I may not have hit them but I am a LOT closer to them. I will just have to keep working at them.

On the plus side today I did PASS my 2B Mindset Mentor certification!!! Can I get a ‘way to go’? This goes tight along with the mindset that I am trying to change in my life. Finding the balance between healthy and happy. It is something I am working on myself about. If I can live it in MY life it will be easier to help others make it happen in theirs. That is what health coaching is all about. Helping each other.

With that said I am still filling out my tracker on a daily basis. Do I have this down yet? Absolutely not! Will I get it? Yes, I will! It is the holiday AND my son is coming home at midnight tonight. We are not doing a lot of presents but we will be doing a lot of good food. Creating those happy memories through the smells and tastes. I started early 😉

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk creamer; three cups. Cafe latte super foods shake with spinach, blueberries, almond butter, cinnamon and turmeric.

Cleaned the kitchen and baked the banana apple muffins the hubby loves. Had a small cutie orange and a bite of an apple.

Lunch was the remainder slices of pizza. They are large New York style thin pizza slices with sausage, mushrooms and black olives. One cup of salad greens with some cucumber, black olives, red onions and tomatoes. Diluted balsamic dressing, two tablespoonfuls. One Ghirardelli dark chocolate 60% cacao. Four mini non-parliels.

Dinner is two cheese crisps baked in the oven. I didn’t really measure the cheese. I guess you could call it two handfuls. Ate the remainder of the salad. Had a One Tree Cider Lemon Basil. It is 22 ounces. Four of the small homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my friend.

150 ounces of water. Yoga stretch today along with filming five videos for my Cancercize YouTube page.

I know it isn’t perfect but I am very happy with today.

and the gummy wins……

How many of you set out with great intentions? I mean seriously great intentions and just a few hours later you have already lost track of what you wanted.

My intentions this week:

Do not hit snooze alarm.

Work my business for half an hour

Follow up with people.

Eat better.

So, I took steps to put my phone on the other side of the room. The intention was that when the alarm went off I would get out of bed and actually get up on the first ring. Turns out my phone actually has a snooze alarm built in and will go off at least four times before actually shutting itself down. SO that was a fail.

Keith and I ate dinner on the couch and watched a Netflix show called ‘Strong Girl Bong-Soon’ kid you not that is the name of the show. I feel like my friends that truly know me should have told me about this show years ago!! It was amazeballs!! An hour and half later, yes one and a half hours for the first episode I am now here in bed blogging about my food. So if you are looking at my list I am 0 for 3….

Last intention today was to eat better. HA!! What a fail that was today. Started off with two scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms and a dash of Chulula sauce (my favorite) two cups of coffee with almond milk and one espresso with almond milk and half and half.

Head to work and this is where it all goes to poop…..

1 LARGE handful of gummy worms and sour gummies

3 20 ounce water bottles

2 cups of coffee with half and half

1 hotdog with bun, I scoop of chili beans sprinkle of cheese and onions.

Cabbage salad with tomatoes and homemade dressing from Fixate recipe book.

1tsp of sunflower seeds. 3 mini marshmallows and one peanut. yes ONE peanut… all at work.

The intention was to only have my shake for dinner. Well let me tell you this now makes me 0 for 4!! Got home and the hubby tells me that his work  sent him home with some of the leftovers from Saturday. The BBQ sandwich sounded good so I made one for him and one for me….then I had seconds of just the meat…then had my shake for desert.  So dumb. Not the shake that fact that I couldn’t stick to one single good intention. All I can say is I need to try again and again and again.

Stay tuned to see if I can get it right tomorrow.

How did you do?

The food confessions continues..

Trying to write down EVERYTHING I eat is the challenge. Confessing it to you is the punishment. I don’t know, sounds good in theory….so here is the Friday update of carbo-loading for sleeping in on Saturday..

Breakfast: dense nutrition shake cafe latte with mixed berry…I always seem to get this part right.. then 3 cups of coffee with half and half. Stopped at the coffee shop and got a coconut crinkle…coconut, vanilla and praline flavored. Half way through I added drip coffee and more half and half to it…oh boy I see a cycle her.

Next I had a small piece of steak and a Bavarian sausage stick that was amazing!! (my ankles are starting to swell now) Lunch rolled around and that is what is my picture above…the rest of my friends steak, he claimed to not be hungry anymore I was more than accepting. Also pictured is the rest of the squash/mushroom/onion pesto thing I made the other day. Grabbed another soda, I don’t know why I keep drinking these things. Three this week alone! Prior to that it had been months since I had a soda. Weird. Also I had some carrot sticks to top it off.

Got out of work pretty early tonight, 5:30 to be exact. Just in time to make it to happy hour at the ball park. So dinner consisted of Angry Orchard and fried cheese curds. Went for a decaf vanilla latte (it was chilly tonight) and two churros…one for me one for the hubby. For whatever reason the churros were awful this time. Hard and extra chewy. Like chewing on leather. Did this stop me from eating it? Nope!! What is wrong with me? No seriously, who eats like this? ESPECIALLY who eats like this and expects to lose weight and be healthy??

One day at a time. Apparently one moment at a time. I WILL WIN THIS!
How are you doing on your relationship with food?