Angry Prawns for the win!

I tried to upload my picture of my dinner from tonight. It didn’t work.  We went to Picabu Bistro, once featured on Diner Drive Ins and Dives with Guy F. We used to live in that neighborhood and went quite often. They have this appetizer called angry prawns and it is soooo good! It will cure what ails you..seriously if you are coming down with cold, eat the prawns. If you are sad, eat the prawns. If you are celebrating eat the prawns.  So with that said it will be a bit tricky to log what I had for dinner but here is the best I can do.

Breakfast: Coffee with almond milk (two) Espresso with almond milk and Irish cream/chocolate syrup Had my chocolate superfoods shake with dark cherries and spinach. Stopped at the coffee shop and had a mocha maple spice latte. Very good.

Lunch: around 2PM today. A slice of FFC bread with tuna salad that I made with turmeric , bell pepper and cucumbers. Had the rest of the mushy cauliflower that I “steamed” overcooked in the Instant Pot (another story) Pita chips and humus.

Dinner: lovely dinner… Two yes TWO cranberry hard ciders, share the angry prawns appetizers with the hubby. Shrimp in a spicy creamy sauce and sourdough bread. Then I had a dijon steak salad. So good…. enough food for three meals…

Water: 150 ounces Workout: Yoga

How did you do?

Coffee and donuts….

Well here it is Friday and I am ready to confess my ‘off the track’ healthy lifestyle diet fails….again. #brokenrecord     I will tell  you now this will be different than all the other posts because it involves the Friday donut.    Here we go…..

Breakfast: half a cup of coffee because the Keurig would only brew A HALF A CUP!!!!! #blerg Vanilla shake with spinach, almond butter and 1/2 cup of blueberries

Decided to day to surprise my work team with donuts so I ran by the grocery store on the way to work to get two dozen donuts. Picked up a twelve pack of Mt. Dew to surprise the hubby with when I got home.  At the store I annoyed a lot of people because it took me forever to pick out the two dozen donuts for the guys. Wanted to get all their favorites.

Since the Keurig disappointed me I stopped by the coffee shop and got the special Maple Spice is still going. Very good.

Work: A cinnamon roll donut thing. I HAD to have one since I brought them, right? Had a meeting at work. Came down, ATE ANOTHER DONUT!!!!WHAT!?!?!?!? Yeah that is two donuts in a one and half hour span! Yikes!!

Then I drank 75 ounces of water in the next two hours to ‘wash out the donuts’

Lunch: Didn’t;t eat. Two many donuts. Too full.

3PM: ate my carrot sticks

Dinner: baked potato with butter and  a large grilled steak! Potato is a veggie, right? Brewed a sweet raspberry tea with Tito’s vodka added to it. Then for dessert I made a decaf coffee with Patron XO Cafe Dark in it with the last of the vanilla almond milk..

and that brings us to now….

Not the best day. But it is what it is and I am being accountable to you.

How did you do?

Today was better on the scale..

Woke up this morning and was feeling good! Had my water first then hoped on the scale…numbers are down YAY!! This is what sucks about it though…. everyone is right. Eat right, feel better.  Bleh! Ha ha ..honestly though I do have more energy when I eat better. The scale likes it too.

Had a harder time convincing myself that I wasn’t hungry today so I consumed more water to try and fend it off. I did have a few more carbs today than yesterday. Here is how my day of food played out:

Morning: coffee with vanilla almond milk. Two cups

Breakfast: Superfoods vanilla with spinach and blueberries.

Work: two more cups of coffee with half and half.

Lunch: Spinach salad with tiny tomatoes, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Half an apple. Deli sliced ham and one serving of Triscuit Wasabi and Soy Sauce flavored ( enter the extra carbs I mentioned)

Snack: Humus and Carrot Sticks

Dinner: garlic encrusted tilapia, steamed zucchini and sweet potato tots. (rest of the carbs)

Tomorrow I start my 3 Day Reboot. That means very limited caloric intake and no sugars. I do this several times a year. I refuse to give up my coffee (and almond milk) but all in all it is pretty easy to do. I need this to help get me back on track. Especially since I am traveling this weekend and seeing the doctor on Monday….#bleh

Anyway: Water goal was 75 ounces I hit 100 at work alone. Workout today was Yoga.

Goal tomorrow: Yoga, stick to Reboot plan, lots of water.

How did you do?

The bacon cheeseburger wins again….

…..My day started off with a cup of coffee with milk (I am out of almond milk and that makes me sad) make that two cups of coffee with milk. Did my Flow on the Go Yoga workout then had a cup of espresso with get this, the mocha almond milk cold brew… that is a ‘double’ in my opinion.  Made my healthy superfoods shake. Today was chocolate, spinach and frozen mixed berries. Same-o same-o..

Got to work had two cups of coffee with half and half. Helped myself to my LAST Little Debbie Swiss roll for a morning snack. Lunchtime rolls around and I have the beef patty with hot sauce on it. IT WAS HOT!!! It was the left over from the taco Wednesday. They make their salsa hot!! Glad I had the carrot and celery sticks to cool my mouth off. Had  some gouda cheese too. A little later on during the work day I broke down and got a coke. Grosses me out now that I am writing about it.

With the dawn of a new age and all the wonderful things we can do online I ordered my dinner online today and had it delivered. Thank you GrubHub…I think!! #notreally

We ordered from the local burger chain called Zips. I got the  pepper jack bacon cheeseburger with mozzarella sticks. THE BEST CHEESE STICKS EVER!!  And that is what my Friday looked like.  My poop may not be good tomorrow from all the cheese. So my body will punish me soon enough!!

Oh well. How did you do today?


I don’t want to confess about today….

I don’t even know where I went wrong. Okay I do know where I went wrong, I just don’t understand WHY I went wrong… okay yes I do understand that too! I gave into my emotions and just let it all run amuck from there… the emotions weren’t even that strong!!


Breakfast….started off strong as usual. Cafe Latte shakeo with bluberries and fresh spinach. A cup of coffee with almond milk and an espresso with a shot of hazelnut syrup and almond milk. Got to work and had a cup of coffee with half and half. Wasn’t strong enough. Went for a run to the near by coffee shop and had the special Heath Bar again. So good!!! I was super proud of myself for not having a doughnut. I should have stopped there..


Had a very emotional day at work. Not even sure I can even understand what threw me into the loop of the emotions in my head but it definitely manifested itself into eating bad food. Didn’t even go back to the fridge to see what was in my lunch bag….went straight to McDonald’s and had the smokey bacon cheeseburger with sweet mustard and a small coke. If that wasn’t enough I was craving, CRAVING red licorice…RED!!!! That isn’t even real licorice.. I really only like the real black licorice not the knock of red vines people call ‘licorice’..ate a whole serving package from the vending machine from work. 400 calories per package..blerg.

THEN to top it off I get home, open the bottle of prosseco that I bought for when my mom came to visit and poured not one, but two glasses of it. Then indulged myself with a hot with bun and sauerkraut and the rest of the hubby’s generic Pringle’s.

Oh my!! Good thing I am having my reboot soon. I think. If I can stick to it for three whole days!!


How are you doing?

I don’t know why…

I don’t know why I get my hopes up. I know who I married. Don’t get me wrong I ADORE my husband Keith. He is so beyond amazing to me and all that I have put him through (see past blogs) but, lets face it girls we want men that just FEEL our wants without having to tell them, right? Ha ha. You are probably wondering, Renee what does this have to do with your accountability food blog you are starting? Well let me tell you…

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee with the last of the almond milk creamer. Vanilla superfoods shake that after I added the fresh spinach and frozen blueberries it looked chocolate. Tasted good so that is all that mattered.

Work: (don’t you like how I make work a meal) 2 cups of coffee with half and half on k-cup cafe latte vanilla. 1/4 cup raw almonds

Lunch: 1/2 apple, homemade coleslaw and tuna with veggies.

Snack: I went to the vending machine. I really wanted wheat thins but we were out so I was going to pick up the Sabra Humus snack pack and saw that it was 320 calories!! so I picked up the savory snack pack. It was 130 calories total and had grapes, baby carrots, pretzels and little cubes of cheddar cheese. I felt pretty good about that choice and it helped hit the salt I was craving.

THEN I text my hubby and tell him how I am so, so, soooo hungry and I want spaghetti and meatballs with a crap ton of garlic toast and the strongest bottle of wine possible but that I would settle for drinking my water..I guess. He simply text back with “ok” “OK”!!! What the frak!!! What do you mean ok?? Can’t you read through the lines and see that I am STARVING!?!?!?!?

I get home hoping to find some type of dinner made for me involving lots of carbs. Nope. Nada. Nothing. Sigh. I love my husband I love my husband I love my husband… I really do I was just hopeful…. so here goes my horrible dinner confession:

Dinner: 2 packages of Little Debbie Swiss Roll snack cakes…not two rolls (1 serving) BUT 2 packs equaling 4 rolls. But wait there is more. While I am eating the chocolate and drinking a can of Truly hard sparkling water with the second can on the counter waiting to be opened and inhaled soon, I am cooking the hubby’s dinner of fettuccine alfredo. I think to myself, ‘Renee, you need some type of protein Little Debbie and alcohol is not enough for dinner’ So I pop a hot dog and some sauerkraut in the microwave for my “REAL” dinner.

bleh… I will get there. I know I will. I was thinking that I might make my shake my DINNER since I am always so tired after work and so hungry. It is fast and easy to make. Keith can fend for himself, right?

How are you doing?

Always a down hill…

I left my lunch at work yesterday. I left it there on purpose. It still had the  tuna with veggies in it and my almonds and fresh raspberries. I brought a bag of fresh spinach to go with it today. #goodintentions

Had my superfoods shake. Today was chocolate, dark cherries and spinach. It always fills me up until lunch…..well that and three cups of espresso!!

My lunch time rolled around and I was so busy I didn’t go.  An hour went by and I still didn’t go. So now the downhill begins. My freind from work went to Mc’Donald’s and I talked him into getting me a double cheeseburger meal with a coke.   Ate the burger a few of the fries and inhaled the coke! #rollingdownthehill

Dinner time is pizza from Dinardi’s #love Pizza and salad and Lemon Basil Hard Cider…. man once I start down that hill I never stop rolling.

One more day done and tomorrow is a new start.

Marching back up that hill.


Half a sleeve, more like three quarters…..

I woke up right away!! Ha that is not true, still guilty of hitting snooze. Anyway I DID get up eventually and did a lot in a little amount of time (thank you weekly food prep)  Here is how my day played out food wise:

Breakfast: vanilla superfoods shake with the last of the frozen peaches and the last of the wilting arugula. Coffee with almond milk creamer and one espresso with chocolate milk foam.

Get to work:  coffee, coffee, coffee!!! and half and half.

Lunch: the rest of the kale, apple, beet and chicken salad. humus pita chips.

Snack time!! : raw almonds and sliced sweet peppers

SOUNDS LIKE I AM DOING SO WELL TODAY……… and prepare for the excuses……

Worked late (7PM) so this is where I just make horrible choices with my food. Tired and hungry, not a good combination. Even though I have a fridge full, FULL of prepared food I ate this instead: 1 can of Truly hard sparkling water 4 corn tortillas with melted cheese on them, half a can of generic Pringle’s and to be quite  honest it turned out to be three quarters of the sleeve…. bleh.

Plus side was my numbers on the scale HAD started going down again and I drank lots of water and have worked out four days in a row now. IN A ROW!!

How are you doing?



Nacho average taco Tuesday…

The point of tracking and writing down my food is that it is supposed to help me get this eating thing under control. The theory is that if you have to take a notebook out for every little thing you eat you will want to stop eating so much just so you don’t have to write it down. I decided that I would confess my food in my blog and that will some how deter me from making such bad choices… so far it hasn’t. Yet I am still tracking and sharing… so here we go:

Breakfast: chocolate superfoods shake with dark cherries and spinach. Coffee with almond milk. Then a cup of espresso with chocolate milk.

Work: coworker was running late. To make it up to me he bought me a froo froo coffee. Coconut was good. Coconut, praline and vanilla in it. So good. I am quit positive it has a lot of calories in it though.

Lunch: Coca-cola, salad with homemade dressing, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and goat cheese.

Snack: I tried the coconut chocolate almond yogurt mix-ins by was so good!! Also ate my raw almonds.

Then I drove home….and had tacos.. 2 old taco shells that I stuffed with shredded pork and cheese and a few black olives (sorry to those who don’t like them) and snap peas… I would have been alright if I would have just stopped there..but oh no! not me.. so I crumbled up the rest of the shells (five of them) and covered them with cheese and salsa and ate them like nachos. Then I decided I needed something sweet so I drank a glass of chocolate milk.

Maybe the trick is to log the food WHEN you eat it instead of at the end of the day. If I physically had to take a tracker book out each time I ate I wouldn’t have time to so I wouldn’t eat!?!

Have you tried tracking your food? Or any bad habit that you want to quit? Did it work for you?  I will keep on going.. something has got to change.. and it will be me and my appetite.

The food confessions continues..

Trying to write down EVERYTHING I eat is the challenge. Confessing it to you is the punishment. I don’t know, sounds good in theory….so here is the Friday update of carbo-loading for sleeping in on Saturday..

Breakfast: dense nutrition shake cafe latte with mixed berry…I always seem to get this part right.. then 3 cups of coffee with half and half. Stopped at the coffee shop and got a coconut crinkle…coconut, vanilla and praline flavored. Half way through I added drip coffee and more half and half to it…oh boy I see a cycle her.

Next I had a small piece of steak and a Bavarian sausage stick that was amazing!! (my ankles are starting to swell now) Lunch rolled around and that is what is my picture above…the rest of my friends steak, he claimed to not be hungry anymore I was more than accepting. Also pictured is the rest of the squash/mushroom/onion pesto thing I made the other day. Grabbed another soda, I don’t know why I keep drinking these things. Three this week alone! Prior to that it had been months since I had a soda. Weird. Also I had some carrot sticks to top it off.

Got out of work pretty early tonight, 5:30 to be exact. Just in time to make it to happy hour at the ball park. So dinner consisted of Angry Orchard and fried cheese curds. Went for a decaf vanilla latte (it was chilly tonight) and two churros…one for me one for the hubby. For whatever reason the churros were awful this time. Hard and extra chewy. Like chewing on leather. Did this stop me from eating it? Nope!! What is wrong with me? No seriously, who eats like this? ESPECIALLY who eats like this and expects to lose weight and be healthy??

One day at a time. Apparently one moment at a time. I WILL WIN THIS!
How are you doing on your relationship with food?