My next 5K

I find it ironic  that I signed up to run the Susan G Koman 5K run in April (It is a pre-qualifier for the big revenge run in May) only to find out I will have to change my running status to ‘survivor’

I will keep wogging.

I will get my revenge.

Even if I have one less boob!! 😀


“Richard Dawkins coined the term meme in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”. As conceived by Dawkins, a meme is a unit of cultural meaning, such as an idea or a value, that is passed from one generation to another. A meme is the cultural counterpart to the unit of physical heredity, the gene.” ~google

I am very actively active on Facebook. I see memes posted all day long. Some are funny. Some are cute. Some are dirty but fun. And then there are the ones that are trying to be encouraging. You see pictures of fit bodies all tanned and svelt running down a long desolate road, beating the odds, pushing themselves, and telling you to never quit, never give up, anyone can do it if they have their mind set on it, you too can be like the picture. Lift these weights, cut out sweets, blah blah blah blah. I am guilty of sharing a meme. It is so easy to to just hit the share button. And boom, you are now one of the millions of uncreative people posting crap just to post something.

I think we think we are being helpful to others by reposting these “encouraging” memes. That maybe it is a new profound thought. Or will make others move more. I am finding it to be nothing but dribble.

It is possible that in the new light of my latest test I am just annoyed by them.

My new Facebook challenge is NOT hit the share button. If I want to quote something I will take the time to actually type it out on my page. Yes, it takes more work. Yes, it may still be some encouraging dribble. But it will be something I really support or believe in because I took the time to type it out, in print, on purpose.

that is all. off my soapbox now.

Hope you liked the picture meme I choose today for this ranting blog. 🙂

#mylifeisshort #ichoosetolaugh #itiseasiertolove (my Facebook hashtags, because I am cool like that) “cool” 😉


I live in the beautiful Inland Northwest. Our city motto is “Near Nature, Near Perfect”

I really honestly believe this motto. It is gorgeous here 9 months out of the year. Okay maybe 6 months out of the year.

The summers are generally in the low 90’s and every day that is 70 is perfect for me. There is green upon green upon green with beautiful bright flowers in between.

Old buildings and new ones all mixed on one block. Eclectic is another way I would describe this city. This “vibe” (I sound young and hip when I say ‘vibe’) is very unique.

As winter approaches I still see the beauty. The peacefulness of the season. Yet when I drive out there on the icy roads I tend to lose sight of that, quickly.

But these last few days there has been fog. I love the fog. I really do.

It levels the playing field.

It covers the road so that the mundane street now becomes an adventure.

It is inviting, intriguing, mysterious, frightening.

It makes me feel like I can get away with anything. That nothing happens, yet EVERYTHING is happening.

I feel like I could walk into the fog and disappear forever. I like to think that if I step into the thickest part a whole new world opens up to me. A world of wonder.

It makes broken things look whole and complete.

Fog makes trees seem stronger and taller.

It makes the air quiet.

I like the fog.

If I could bottle it I would. Then open the bottle every time I needed to feel embraced.



Test day.

Wide awake at 3 A.M.

Best laid plans tend to be foiled.

Easier to just enjoy the moment and live minute by minute.

Wide awake at 3 A.M

It could be because I had a niacin prickly heat flush wake me up.

Waiting for the Benadryl to kick in for that.

Wide awake at 3 A.M.

It could be because of the cramps. The lovely, lovely cramps.

Waiting for the Midol to kick in for that.

It could be from the unplanned breast biopsy making it hard to find a comfy position to sleep.

Waiting for the test results for that.

Wide awake at 3 A.M.

Plans to go for a wog to shake off the test anxiety unexpectedly foiled.

Plans to conquer the world temporarily on hold.

Until 4 A.M. at least 😉

One way or another all these will be over and I will conquer. I will have my revenge. I will be stronger. I will sleep once again.

Wide awake at 3 A.M.

I am sure by this entry it is obvious.

Best laid plains can be foiled. Make the best of each moment. Life is flexible. So must I be. ❤


Funny how simple words can change the feeling and emotion and thought process of everything.

Words my Dr. said to me today:

“You do NOT have permission to worry about that yet!”

“your weight is beautiful”

“blood pressure is right on”

“You should have a glass of wine with dinner tonight so you can relax”

“Why are you here again? You are doing so well.”

I have a lot on my plate right now. The TEST. Test results from an appointment earlier this week. My last grandparent in the hospital.

I need to refocus and put revenge wogging back on my plate.

After the glass of wine of course.

I love my doctor.

I started on the wine yesterday.

Words..Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

What the what.

I am not sure how fellow female long distance runners do it.

Seriously, how do you run when you have your period? And cramps? And lethargy? I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the idea. All I want to do is run a consistent 5K and constantly beat my own PR. I like  the 5K for many reasons. NO chaffing, no nipple bleeds, no muscle fatigue, the feeling of being able to beat someone instead of ‘just finishing’.  Let me tell you though, just the thought of walking three miles today took every ounce of determination today!  Honestly, I just want to sleep all day with my Midol IV hooked up to my arm on a continuous drip. They should really invent sublingual Pamprin so I can double dose myself into a false sense of comfort. Bloated, tired, cramps, how could you possibly run 5,8,10 miles? Is there a secret switch in our bodies that turns that off after you hit mile 4? Do you pray that the big run doesn’t fall on the same day Aunt Flo visits? Where would you keep your backup supply since workout clothes barely have pockets big enough for your i.d.?

Days like today kill my revenge mood.

By the way, I am just inquiring for a friend. 😉